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Ways to Give

Your next step on the journey is to match your goals with your
resources and create a thoughtful plan to reach those goals.
In an effort to identify your personal and philanthropic goals, consider questions like these:
  • Which goals are most important to you?
  • How much do you want to set aside for each goal?
  • Will these be lifetime gifts or gifts from your estate?

Use these worksheets to capture your answers:
The philanthropic planning process follows the proven steps in a sound planning engagement:
  1. Understanding your personal and philanthropic goals and how success will be measured
  2. Identifying which assets would be appropriate for gifting
  3. Exploring the most effective way to create gifts based on your goals
  4. Involvement of family
  5. Involvement of Charities
  6. Working with all of your advisors to put your plans into effect
  7. Periodic reassessment of your philanthropic plan-is it still working the way you want it to? Has anything changed?
Your financial resources
It is important to consider what types of assets you have available for making gifts to family and charities.
Some things to consider are:
  • Are there any assets which you want to protect?
  • Are there any assets which you want to go to particular family members?
  • Are there any assets which you want to go to particular charities?
We will explore these in depth when you meet with us.

If you would like to start, use this worksheet to catalogue your assets.
Leveraging your resources
A thoughtful gift will help you leverage the social power of your gift and allow you to achieve more.

After you've established your goals and reviewed your financial resources, it's time to collaborate with your team of advisors to explore leverage:

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